Metallica performed live in Berlin on 14 November. Before the concert they were seen on many German TV channels and radios. One of these was that James Hetfield was a guest of Star FM.

Papa Het tells about the future and says he wants to alive to see his grandchildren. He said:

Going on tour at age 53, and people compare us to bands like The Rolling Stones or something, [who are] 110 years old and still playing, and it’s amazing. I love that — they are great mentors to look forward to – but I would say that they’re not playing the songs that we play, with the intensity and maybe the athleticism that we do. But it is important to stay healthy. Instead of going to the bars at night, I’m sure we’re getting some sleep. We have someone who’s on the road that’s stretching us before and after the shows. So, yeah, obviously, having healthier foods and… Yeah, the lifestyle has changed; there’s no doubt about it. And basically, I wanna be alive for my grandchildren [laughs], as well as playing on stage.”

Metallica’s new album “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct” ranked #1 in 57 countries all over the world. In addition, the album is on the Top 3 list in 75 countries and Top 5 in 105 countries.

James also played bass guitar on the radio show. You can watch at 32.44 on the following video.