Photo: Rolling Stone

Metallica frontman James Hetfield spoke in a recent interview with Metallica’s official issue “So What!”. He talked about doing 50 shows in a year and mentioned their health situations. Here’s the statement:

“It works for us. It doesn’t have to work for everybody else. Them [a universal “them” – ED] doing 72 shows in a row and then going home? That might work for them. For us, the endurance part is we want to be doing this into our 70s; we want to be doing this for life. That’s the endurance we’re going for. It’s not, “How long can we survive on this tour? How many shows in a row can we do?” We’ve done that.

So I think for us, for our health, we’re realists around it. You know, when I sit at a table and say I’m only willing to do 50 shows a year, it’s a scary moment to throw out there because it’s showing I’m limited. I’m human here. Here’s what I can do, and I hope these guys are okay with it.

Because it is four guys out doing stuff together, but what we have to realize is each one of us we have our challenges, and some of them get tended to, some don’t. And the ones that don’t, need to be talked about, you know? Whether you’re hurting, you’ve got a neck issue, you’ve got a shoulder thing, you got a something, that’s not his problem, that’s our problem.

And we need to address it because without that shoulder, we’re not doing this. So why would we not help? Why would we not join together and figure it out?”

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