Metallica frontman James Hetfield talked in a conversation with journalist David Fricke and revealed the Metallica song which contains as many riffs as possible.

Here’s the statement:

“It’s kind of like building the house. ‘Here are the things we need, what else would be cool in here? What’s the finishing work? What’s the overall look and feel?’ Every song was a riff tape in itself. And we had so many riffs that we wanted to get all in.

So we were jamming riffs in there, forcing them in. When you talk about the craziness of ‘The Frayed Ends of Sanity or something, all of the sudden it goes over this way. And trying to outdo ourselves that way. ‘How many riffs can we get in one song?’ [Laughs]”

Drummer Lars Ulrich added:

“I think one thing as I’m sitting here really trying to dig deeper, I think by playing together, by touring, by growing, whatever was happening – I think we were getting better. Literally just getting better at what we were doing. We were more sort of on top of what we were doing. It felt like maybe we were just more confident steering the ship.

So we could do like ‘Frayed Ends.’ I don’t think we were capable of doing ‘Frayed Ends’ five years earlier on [1983’s] ‘Kill ‘Em All,’ on [1984’s] ‘Ride the Lightning,’ we just didn’t have the chops or the skills yet.

And I think at that time, still it was very much… There was this kind of underlying thing about ability and about chops and about, ‘What’s Slayer doing?’ and ‘What’s Megadeth doing?’ I think of this record as still the next step in that.

It wasn’t really until Bob Rock showed up a couple of years later and started challenging us in the way we were writing, the way we were recording, the way we were arranging, the way we would look at everything. ‘Justice’ was just the next record. The same process but more. The same process but everything was exaggerated. More riffs, longer songs, crazier sideways shit. And it was inevitable that it would run into a wall. There was no place further to go.”

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You can listen to “Frayed Ends of Sanity” from below.