The founder, bassist, and lead singer of the funk metal band Primus, Les Claypool has reminisced about the day when he was auditioned for Metallica back in 1986 and admitted that he felt James Hetfield thought of him as a thug.

During the latest interview he gave to the Kerrang, the multi-talented musician Les Claypool has talked about his relations with Metallica and the time he wanted to join them, following the death of Cliff Burton.

Claypool revealed that he went to high school with the guitarist Kirk Hammett and therefore thought it would be great to play with them, though he wasn’t really into metal at the time.

He also recalled how he felt during the auditions while answering if James Hetfield said to him he’s so talented that he must do something wonderfully weird on his own. Les explained that James said these words later on in an interview, but on that day he said he felt the band members thought he was a freak.

Les Claypool added that Lars Ulrich was particularly kind, as well as his old buddy Kirk Hammett, however, he felt back then James Hetfield thought he was some sort of thug.

Here is how Les Claypool responded when asked if Hetfield said he’s much too talented and do something on his own instead:

“He definitely did not say that! He said that later on in an interview, which was very kind of him. I think they thought I was a freak.

They were very nice – Lars [Ulrich] was particularly kind – and of course I knew Kirk from high school. But I think that James thought I was some sort of thug. Put it this way, I definitely didn’t look the part.”

You can check out the rest of the interview here.