James Hetfield had a slight confusion at the Toronto show that Metallica performed last night. One’s intro music was being played and James had to go into One’s intro. But without realizing it, he played “Fade To Black”s intro. Fortunately, he was immediately aware of the fail.

In an interview with Jeff Woods after the concert he talked about this. James spoke very cheerfully out of this mistake and said that he just laughed at the fault he had made. He said:

“At the intimate show in Toronto last night, the ‘One’ intro ends, intro to ‘One’, I go out and I start playing ‘Fade To Black’. [Laughs] It’s, like, ‘What the hell?’ And me realizing and getting that wave of shame, like, ‘Oh my God! You’re an idiot.’ And then you’re, like, ‘All right. Just laugh at it, ’cause it’s kind of funny.’ And what else are you gonna do? And then start the ‘One’ song and then later talk about it.

So being honest about it is so freeing — being honest with each other, with ourselves. We’re 53. What’s it look like? What are we gonna do? How long can we tour? How can we stay healthy and happy? So being honest with each other.”

You can watch the video of that moment from below.