A biography book about James Hetfield has never been written before. And now it’s written. The title of the book is “So Let It Be Written”.

Lesser Gods has set an April 11 release date for “So Let It Be Written”, the first and only unauthorized biography of Metallica frontman James Hetfield.

The writer of the book, Mark Eglinton, explained what inspired him to write a biography of James Hetfield? He said:

I met James Hetfield and Cliff Burton in 1986 on the Damage Inc. tour in the UK. I was a kid, and they were too. Sadly, Cliff’s life was cut short a few days later. Never did I imagine the extent of the success that would follow for Metallica. In the years and decades afterwards, I became more interested in the man himself—particularly in light of his personal struggles and when the band were struggling with their identity. It surprised me that—given the scale of Metallica’s audience—no book about him existed. So I made it exist.”

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