As you know, Lars Ulrich had said that they would have a business relationship with Lady Gaga in the coming period and promised to take the stage again with Gaga at the first possible opportunity.

Recently, Metallica frontman James Hetfield was asked by La Tercera whether he’d collaborate with Lady Gaga or any other pop star again. He said:

No. But even just talking with her, being around her, her energy was very, very exciting. She has lots of ideas, and she likes to push the boundaries like we do. So it was a good fit.

The actual show, live on TV, I was very angry, yes. All the rehearsals, everything was perfect; up to there, everything was working. But, you know, out of my control. Something happened… I don’t know what happened. But the silver lining is that Lady Gaga and me were singing closer, and [there] was a little more collaboration. She’s an amazing person – very talented.

Apparently, James Hetfield is thinking about the exact opposite of Lars’s thoughts. Metallica and Lady Gaga together again in the future? We’ll see… According to James, this is not going to happen. Click here to read entire interview.