Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie spoke in a recent interview with Breaking Absolutes and gave some tips for the upcoming vocalist.

In the conversation, James talked about how he improved his singing technique one by one and revealed how he ended up joining Dream Theater after singing in bars six days a week.

Furthermore, the iconic singer said that he learned a lot from Victoria Thompson and revealed the importance of warming up and cooling down your voice. But he did not stop there. Also, James mentioned that singing is not the only thing you should focus on, which is the thing that he learned from Jamie Vendera. According to James, your body, your mindset, and your emotional set are really important.

Here is what James LaBrie said:

“Years later, I started working with this girl called Victoria Thompson, and she was extremely well-trained as well, she had her schooling from the music conservatory down in St. Louis, and then she went to Europe and she performed operas for 20 years.

And she happened to be in the neighborhood where I live, and she was amazing too. She’s got this big, powerful voice, beautiful voice, so I learned some things from her. Actually, I studied with her for a bit just before we went out on the ‘Train of Thought Tour.’

Anyway, it was all about this warming up and cooling down and stuff like that. In the last few years off and on, I’ve been working with Jamie, because he has some very cool approaches as well as to being able to sustain oneself on a very lengthy and demanding tour.”

He continued:

“So he’s all about endurance, he’s all about reading not only your voice, but your body, your mindset, your emotional set- because that’s a big drain on a vocalist too, the psychological aspects that can wreak havoc on a singer is when you have been ill and you’re on tour.

And if you know that you’re not able to give it, it kind of puts you in a very dark place, because you’re trying to get better, but at the same time you’re having to go out there and exert yourself, which most normal human beings would not be doing.”

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