American heavy rock band from L.A, Jane’s Addiction’s fronting member Perry Farrell has posted a recent tweet on his verified Twitter account today and hammered Donald Trump once again.

As you may already familiar with his tweets that Perry is one of the most active musicians who oppose Donald Trump’s policies and today, he slammed Trump’s latest tweet that was deleted by the administration office of Twitter.

Yesterday, Donald Trump has posted a recent tweet on his campaign account and claimed that children in United States are almost immune to the coronavirus and this tweet has been deleted. After a short time, Twitter has suspended the account for some time.

Perry took this issue to his latest tweet and hammered Trump, as well as the National Rifle Association.

Here is what he said:

“Yesterday Twitter suspended Donald Trump’s account because he made false statements about COVID-19?! His statement was that ‘children are almost immune’ to the virus.

In his absence, I am to be his voice. Let me begin by saying “Keep your kids safe. Fuck the NRA!

You can check the tweet below.