The iconic frontman of alternative rock band Jane’s Addiction and also known as a talented singer-songwriter, Perry Farrell, took to his official Twitter account today and announced that he’s doing okay after the hard surgery.

As the whole community will remember, Perry has been struggling with his health problems for almost two years. Lastly, he had a though neck surgery and he’s trying to recover from it nowadays. Today, he took to his social media page and informed his followers about his health status.

As you will check out the tweet he sent right below, while he stated that he’s doing okay, he also did not hesitate to joke about why he was sick about his neck. Perry defined his neck issues with head-banging.

Here is what he said:

“I’m getting ready for that merry time when again, we rock. Being a cantor gives one a sense of freedom with hardly a boundary; but for the body itself.

I am fresh from surgery, two new discs in my neck. The results of cocking back neck to project the message; and head-banging.”

You can see the tweet below.