One of the most inspirational guitarists of all time, Jason Becker shared a video with Van Halen’s late guitarist Eddie Van Halen back in 1996 when he paid him a visit at his house to support his friend and also to shoot an ALS awareness video.

As you may know, Jason Becker joined David Lee Roth’s band while he was 20 years old to work on Roth’s album ‘A Little Ain’t Enough.’ In 1990, Becker won the coveted Best New Guitarist award from Guitar Magazine, however, while preparing for the album, Becker began to feel what he called a ‘lazy limp’ in his left leg. He was soon diagnosed with ALS and was given three to five years to live.

Becker managed to finish the recording using lighter gauge guitar strings and other techniques, which made it easier for him to play with his weakening hands. Although he managed to finish the album, which was released in 1991, he did not join the supporting tour due to his inability to perform on stage.

His ALS gradually took his ability to play guitar, to walk, and eventually his ability to speak. He now communicates with his eyes via a system developed by his father. Due to the nature of the disease, he remains mentally sharp and, with the aid of a computer, continues composing. In addition, Becker’s medical condition has remained stable since 1997.

Recently, Jason Becker shared never-seen-before footage of Eddie Van Halen on his official Youtube channel. In the video, Eddie was visiting Becker at his home with a gift of a guitar and supporting his friend by helping him to shoot an ALS awareness video.

The video made fans extremely emotional due to the genuine friendship the two had and the affection Eddie Van Halen showed to Becker in the video.  Particularly the scene in which Van Halen holds Becker’s hand and kisses it demonstrated his ‘incredible love’ for his friend.

Here is how Becker described the rare footage of Eddie Van Halen:

“I wanted to show the incredible love I received from Eddie Van Halen. Not only was he a master of the guitar, but his heart and soul are also here for all to see. What an example of kindness, humility, and love; something the world needs now and always.

I will never forget my friend.

You can see the youtube post below.