Jason Becker is the guitarist/composer who has had ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) for over 27 years. He is making a new album right now and he needs your support.

The record will feature special guest appearances, including Joe Satriani, Guthrie Govan, Chris Broderick, Jeff Loomis, Gus G, Steve Morse, Trevor Rabin,Aleks Sever, and more. Also Becker is giving out some t-shirts, signed CDs, a signed guitar from Joe Bonamassa, to your name credited on the album. If you want to help him, please click here and support with your pays.

Here is Jason’s note:

“I need help to pay for the production, studio time and session musicians. Plus, the incredible assistants who work to make my life so beautiful and musically-productive.By investing in my latest album, You can be my new label and be the first to get it.

I’ll also have some perks like – your name in the album credits and exclusive merchandise like shirts, posters and other cool stuff.

I would be grateful is you shared this video with your friends. Thank you so much for your support!

If you want to help him, please click here and support with your pays. If you don’t have money, just share.

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