Late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham’s son and talented singer/drummer, Jason Bonham, remembered one of the most important memories of his life by sharing a new post on Instagram.

As you might already know, John played for Led Zeppelin between 1968-1980, and he was known for his high-precision speed and technique with drums. In 1980, he choked in his own vomit after consuming around 40 shots of vodka.

In 2007, Jason Bonham wanted to honor his father and took place with the Led Zeppelin in London. While everybody was impressed by Jason’s talent, it also has been proven that they have the musician gene in their blood.

Jason decided to remember this special day where he honored his father and shared a picture from those good old days. As you can see in the picture, Jason was looking so cool alongside the legendary friends of his late dad.

Here is what Jason Bonham wrote:

“13 years ago today I played drums with a very cool bunch of guys at the O2 Arena in London. ❤️”

Sammy Hagar added this comment:

“Wait a minute here who is that young handsome stud on the left.👊 What a great shot.

PS: Jason, you did good on that show Pops would be very proud. 🤙”

You can check out the post below.