The son of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham and also a drummer, Jason Bonham, spoke in a recent interview with Radio Forrest and talked about his stage experience in front of the Led Zeppelin members.

Back in 2012, Jason joined Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson, and they performed Led Zeppelin’s iconic song ‘Stairway To Heaven.’ The thing that parts this show from the others was, the original members of Led Zeppelin were watching them live.

While Jason was saying that nobody expected him to appear on the stage because it was a surprise, he also said that the show was so special for him due to the way all the things put together.

Additionally, Jason Bonham wanted to share his feelings about performing with Ann and Nancy, and he said that he was so pleased that they involved in this great project because of how much they love Led Zeppelin in the end.

Here is what Jason Bonham stated about this unique experience:

“It was definitely a surprise at that event. That’s why you see their reaction. It was, like, ‘You! What are you doing…?’ I was hiding out.

They don’t usually honor the deseased member of the band. But very special, the way the whole thing was put together.”

He added:

“At the time, it wasn’t gonna be Ann and Nancy — it was gonna be somebody else — and said, ‘I want people who love the band to be doing it, if we’re gonna do this song.’

So I was so pleased that they got involved. It was very special.”

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