Former bassist of Metallica, Jason Newsted spoke in a recent interview with my Palm Beach Post, and looked back on his time in Metallica. 

He talked about his bandmates Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett. Here’s the statement:

The band was the real deal. There were no weak links. We were four people, who were the faces of [the band], but there were 4,000 people who helped us do that show, from the crew, to the venues, to a guy in Timbuktu selling posters. We took it seriously. If we were supposed to go on at 8:01, we were there at 8:01.

Lars Ulrich had traveled around and knew about Europe. I was like ‘I know where Kansas is! We would play these places where like UB40 and Diana Ross had played, and there were these kids who knew you from a copy of a copy of a cassette, in a Metallica T-shirt that cost 6 weeks wages.””

You can watch his recent art exhibition called “Rawk – The Art of Jason Newsted” from below.

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