Former Metallica bass guitarist Jason Newsted recently appeared on Rock Antenne and talked about the success of ‘Black Album’ and how other bands affected them during their career.

Following the passing of Cliff Burton back in 1986, Metallica hired Jason Newsted as the new bass guitarist. In 2001, Jason announced his departure from the band due to the increasing tensions and because he wanted to concentrate on his side-project.

Metallica’s self-titled fifth studio record, also known as ‘Black Album,’ is one of the greatest albums that Metallica has ever released. The record dropped in 1991, and it is still influencing people.

In the conversation, Jason expressed his happiness for seeing ‘Nothing Else Matters’ being used in weddings, as it reflects how much millions have loved and embraced their music. Then, the bassist admitted that bands such as AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and Motörhead contributed to their success.

Newsted said that the iconic rock and metal bands were bashing down the walls back in the ’80s with their heavy music, which made it easier for Metallica to enter the metal scene and gain such great appreciation. As Jason said, they cut the roads for Metallica to shine, and he showed his respect for these legendary bands.

Jason Newsted explained how AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and Motörhead affected Metallica:

“I’m gonna say – hundreds of thousands of couples getting married have used ‘Nothing Else Matters’ as their wedding song all across the globe. It’s a love song, our love song bashed down all the walls for us to go through, and all the millions of bands that have followed since then.

Think about it, just like AC/DC and Iron Maiden did for us. If there wouldn’t have been Motorhead, AC/DC, and Iron Maiden bashing down the walls through the ’80s for Metallica to step in and take the baton and move on with it.

If they wouldn’t have at least cut the roads roughly for us through some of those places, we wouldn’t be able to go there. So let’s make sure that we pay respect and think about the chronology of things. As they made it possible for us, we made it possible for millions more. It’s a big deal.”

You can check out the interview below.