Jason Newsted, Metallica’s ex-bassist, talked about his ex-bandmate Lars Ulrich in his recent interview on the KNOTFEST YouTube channel. Newsted confessed that Lars Ulrich’s vision was unusual, and he never actually understood it. 

The bassist quit Metallica over 20 years ago. However, he is still involved in their projects, especially after the band decided to release the remastered version of their 1991 album, ‘Metallica,’ or ‘The Black Album.‘ The ex-bassist filmed an unboxing video of ‘The Black Album (remastered)’ on Metallica’s YouTube channel and showed the fans that the relationship between him and the band is better than ever.

Following that, in his most recent interview, the bassist talked about his former bandmate Lars Ulrich and emphasized why he thought the band’s drummer was weird. He stated his opinions on the drummer’s peculiar actions and linked them to him being an only child. Nonetheless, the bassist added that his unusual behavior worked in favor of Metallica as he had a vision and knew how valuable small things would become in the future.

Here is what he said about Ulrich’s vision:

Lars had the perspective all the way back from the beginning. Somehow, I don’t know if it’s just out of him being an only child, having room to put everything away that you wanted to put away stash stuff, and keep everything that you ever had. Because when you have brothers, sisters, and family, you don’t really get to do that. So he was able to do that in the beginning, but maybe once again, he was way steps ahead of us and understood that these archives would become so valuable because of the vision and hope he had for his band.”

The bassist continued to say that Ulrich had a vision for the band, which he understands now, but it seemed really ‘f*cking weird’ to him back in the day. He continued to name the items Ulrich would collect and said he perceived them as a sign of obsessive behavior.

Here is how he stated the drummer’s obsessiveness:

“The way he knew or how much he enjoyed collecting the remnants of the other bands that he loved… Back then, when he was a fan of those guys, he would collect all their stuff, and made sure to hang up all the passes and little remnants that he got from their tokens, from their shows, their gatherings, and experiences.

It was always really fucking weird to me, man. From the beginning when he would keep the hotel rooming list and every goddamn thing. This is a little obsessive disorder deal, but now it’s pretty wonderful.”

Newsted stated that the band would get annoyed with Ulrich because he would pay more attention to small details, items, and objects. However, he is now happy that the drummer was the one who dealt with all of these things. He said that now he realizes Ulrich was ‘way ahead’ in terms of vision compared to the other members of the band.

Here is what he said:

“Back in the day, I’m sure he is way outgrown his room that he had back then, but he built this underground place where he would keep all his shit. He sometimes got us a little bit pissed, me anyway. He was always the connection with everything. His thumb is on the pulse of every goddamn thing.

He’d get all kinds of freebies from way back, he had this shit figured out. They would always send him four of everything because how many guys are in the band? He would keep all four and not tell anybody about anything, so when you would go back into his vaults, there are four of every fucking thing of whatever magazine, this or that or this print of a Metallica thing or whatever

But because he was on top of it, none of us were on top of it like that. None of us paid attention to it like that or sought it out like that. He did, he was way ahead. So, thank god he did.”

You can listen to the full interview below.