Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted began painting in 2005. He recently set up shop to showcase his artwork, “Rawk – The Art of Jason Newsted”, at the Cultural Council in Lake Worth, Florida.

He spoke in a recent interview and revealed his thoughts about metal crowd and art crowd:

“Right now, as I’m starting this, it’s pretty new and the crowds haven’t been as big yet. [Laughs] It’s gonna be tough to get 80,000 people in this gallery.

The energy and the exchange in live music, especially when it’s music that you sink your teeth into and people are really into it… The deal is the crowd is the show and the band is the entertainment. So at heavy shows, the crowd is nuts — the exchange of energy.

I’m on my own here; I’m not on a team or in a band, so I’m in a solo project trying to push out [some of] that energy. But I can’t do a direct exchange with the people like I did when I was playing the music; they have to come up and look at the picture and then get my energy.

So that’s quite a bit different. So for right now, metal’s louder, but the art is very intriguing for me.”

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