Twisted Sister’s former guitarist Jay Jay French gave an interview to Ultimate Guitar in which he compared Dee Snider‘s vocal capabilities to Rob Halford‘s.

Dee Snider is a singer-songwriter who rose to prominence in the early 1980s as Twisted Sister’s lead singer and primary songwriter. Known for his distinctive vocals, Snider is quite confident about his voice as he seems to hit every note easily.

On the other hand, Rob Halford is another musician well-known for his talented singing as the lead vocalist of Judas Priest. Considering his musical career, he is indeed a very influential singer with his powerful, wide-ranging, and easily recognizable voice.

In the interview with Ultimate Guitar, Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French commented on Dee Snider’s musicianship. He said that Snider is the best frontman in the business, and there is no singer better than him. French then continued to praise the frontman by saying he could not compare anyone with Snider.

French then mentioned Rob Halford and said he is a different case as he has a specific voice capability. Talking about Ozzy Osbourne, Lou Reed, and Neil Young, he started praising Halford again. French then said the Judas Priest singer is exceptional and spectacular for his singing.

Speaking to Ultimate Guitar, Jay Jay French said:

“I think Dee Snider’s the best frontman in the whole business, so when I compare Dee – he’s better than all of them, and I’ve seen all of them, and I’ve heard all of them.

There’s nobody – I’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with Dee Snider – there’s nobody more professional, there’s no entertainer better than Dee. There’s no singer better than Dee; it just doesn’t get better. So, everything I put up against Dee – even back then, I went, ‘This guy’s got nothing on you, like, nothing on you.’ So, I was spoiled in that regard.”

He continued by saying:

“Now, if you say to me, like, Rob Halford, now, that’s a different case. Because with Rob, you’re dealing with someone who has a specific voice capability.

Whereas Ozzy – you know, Ozzy’s a product of his image and the band’s music, but you can’t tell me his singing is particularly noteworthy. I mean, you don’t need to be a great singer to be successful – Lou Reed is one of my favorite singers and obviously, he’s an acquired taste. And Neil Young – acquired taste.

But Rob Halford or Ronnie Dio – that’s a different thing. These guys are exceptional vocalists, and they don’t need to run around too much. They can just do what their thing is, and do it, you know.

So, I will qualify my statement – when it applies to guys like that – because, I think Rob is spectacular, and I’ve always thought so -and I think Ronnie is spectacular.”

There is no doubt that Dee Snider and Rob Halford are both successful vocalists in the metal music scene. Moreover, it seems Jay Jay French also thinks that they are both talented in their own way of singing.