Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French talked about the reunion of the band during a recent appearance on The Chuck Shute Podcast.

About two months of releasing the ‘Love Is For Suckers’ album in October 1987, Dee Snider decided to leave Twisted Sister and it was the first break up of the band. Back in 2003, they reunited to play at Sweden Rock Festival.

After their drummer A. J. Pero died in 2015, Twisted Sister decided to make a farewell tour and disbanded once again. Although there were lots of discussions about the possibility of a reunion, it never happened.

In fact, Dee Snider even decided to release his solo album this year, named Leave a Scar, and he has been working on this recording since the beginning of this year. Also, the album is set to be released on July 30.

In the conversation, Jay Jay French revealed that Dee Snider actually told he doesn’t want to reunite with Twisted Sister. However, he might play with the band for one or two songs in a charity event.

Jay Jay French said:

“A few months back, singer Dee Snider said he wouldn’t rule out a Twisted Sister reunion for “a song or two for a charity.

If Fallon called up and said – he’s a big Twisted fan – ‘Hey, would you guys come on the show and do one of your Christmas songs?’ or whatever, I would love to. Go out and do a 90-minute or two-hour set as Twisted Sister again? I don’t see that happening.”

More in the conversation, Jay Jay French also mentioned the time when they reunited back in 2003 and said that it was an incredible ride for them that lasted longer than the original band lasted.