When Jeff Baxter quit Steely Dan and pursued a new path with The Doobie Brothers, many asked if the guitarist would ever rejoin his former bandmates throughout the years. While chatting with Rock History Music’s John Beaudin, Baxter opened up about reuniting with his former act.

While Baxter answered various fan questions, one of them stood out. The question was, of course, about a possible reunion with his former bands, The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan.

The guitarist discussed that he performed with The Doobie Brothers for a few farewell shows. He explained that a manager for the Eagles had offered the act a tremendous financial gain and the band agreed to play together. Yet, Baxter disclosed that he didn’t do that for the money, but it was indeed motivating.

The musician revealed on The Doobie Brothers farewell shows:

“With Doobie Brothers, we did a couple of farewell shows. You know how it is; you’re never going to do it again. I guess a manager for the Eagles said to them when they said they’d never play together again; the manager said, ‘How does 64 million a piece sound to you?’ [The band answered] ‘Okay.’ But I didn’t do it for the money. I’m just saying that there’s motivation on all levels.”

As Baxter recalled those shows, the subject came to Steely Dan. The guitarist expressed that Steely Dan wasn’t much of a band anymore. It was more of a concept to him as Donald Fagen led the group.

With The Doobie Brothers, the band had the chance to embrace their roots with the farewell shows. To perform with Michael McDonald made sense because his works with the band were commercially successful. However, that was it for Baxter since there wouldn’t be other upcoming projects.

The guitarist on a Steely Dan reunion:

“I remember doing those [the farewell shows], and that’s about it because Steely Dan… It’s not so much of a band now, I think, it’s a concept. It’s Donald Fagen doing whatever he does. And The Doobie Brothers wanted to go back to their original roots. Certainly, it makes sense to have Michael do that because he was singing on, probably, one of the most successful of the record the Doobie Brothers did. So, that’s it for me.”

You can watch the interview below.