Arch Enemy guitarist Jeff Loomis (and also ex-guitarist of Nevermore) spoke in an interview with Ola Englund during at NAMM 2019.

Loomis has revealed how he was influenced by Queen’s Brian May as a guitarist.

Interviewer asked “Who was your first hero? Was it Eddie Van Halen?”, Jeff responded:

“No, my first real hero was Brian May because of all those insane harmonies that he was doing. I just could never figure out what was going on.

And of course, back in those days, in the ancient days, there was not many YouTube videos and stuff for us to look at like there is now, but just the overall sound was something that really attracted me.

Then I became more influenced with Eddie and Randy Rhoads, and then, of course, the whole ’80s shrapnel era with all those killer guitar players like Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman, and Jason Becker. Those were players where, like, my jaw dropped.

I had to be like that, and I wouldn’t necessarily say I was ripping off licks, but I was kind of feeding all this information from what I was hearing. I was blessed with a pretty good ear. I could easily pick up things.

I remember when I first started playing, I’d have a classical guitar in the living room and there would be a commercial on the TV with a jingle or something like that. I would just quickly play the jingle, and my dad would be like, ‘How did you do that?’. I guess that some people have it, some people don’t.”

Watch entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement.