In a new interview with Alan Dixon from The Metal Voice, Classic Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson (also  Foreigner currently) spoke about the new album with his new band The End Machine.

During the conversation, he also revealed the greatest rock guitarist player on the planet. Here’s the statement (transcriped by The Metal Voice):

“I am really excited about this album, we will also be playing shows with The End Machine. We got Robert Mason in as the vocalist who is incredible. I am really pleased with the songs, the songwriting and musical chemistry.

I knew that the chemistry would be there with, George, Mick and I, but it was so great to hear what Robert brought to the album and how he really rounded it off. There are some Dokken and Lynch Mob influences there of course but it stands on it’s own musically.

Also George Lynch is the greatest rock guitarist player on the planet, there is no question in my mind. The thing with George if you give him a sound he likes 99% of the time something brilliant is going to come out of him.

There is a lot of depth to the record, there is straight ahead stuff and there is moments when we really let ourselves go which was really fun to do and gratifying.”

When asked about his participation in writing for the upcoming Dio Disciples album, Jeff said:

“I have written a couple of songs for them, I probably won’t actually be recording the record because I don’t think there is a way to fit it into my busy schedule, I would love it if I could. I know they are interested in a couple of songs I wrote for the band.

Also I love working with Craig Goldby the guitarist of the band, he and I have collaborated over the years. Hopefully there will be more work with the Dio Disciples but at this point it is just limited to just writing songs but I am hoping I can do some recording with them. “

You can watch the entire interview below.