Jeff Scott Sotto recently revealed while speaking to KNACK that he had a hard time trying to do the high-pitched ‘Yipes’ on his re-released version of ‘So This is Love’ by Van Halen.

The talented vocalist has performed with famous bands like Journey and has joined the iconic guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen during his tours. However, no matter who he performed with, he always had a successful solo career on the side.

He made a tribute to Van Halen by recording their song ‘So This Is Love’ for the first time in 1999. After that, he re-released the song in 2000 and once again in 2006. Apparently, this song stuck with the vocalist, and in fact, it has a quite funny story for Sotto as he had to modify his vocal cords to nail it.

He wanted to nail the song like David Lee Roth did when he sang it, and therefore in the very high-pitched screams in the song, he overstretched his vocal cords to blow them out as that was how he could get the sound right. It seems like the singer risked a lot to nail the song, but finally, it turned out to be great.

Here is the funny story in Sotto’s words:

“Here I have a kind of a funny story behind that. I can’t do that trademark David Lee Roth thing that he does. You’ve heard it on all of those Van Halen records. It’s impossible! I don’t know very many people that can do that. He’s like the only guy that could do that! It was his own personal trademark. I can do it, but my voice has to be completely blown out!

So check this out, I said yes to doing the song. I’m driving home from the studio, I’m going over the song, and I’m trying to get those ‘yipes’ as I’m trying to get those on the song because I want to be as true as possible. They weren’t coming out! I remember in the past when my voice was blown out after partying, not enough sleep, singing all night, and I’d wake up the next day, and my voice was trashed! That ‘yipe’ happens even without trying!”

He went on to say:

“So I went to try to hit a high note, and that ‘yipe’ happened! On my way to the studio, I was singing the whole way there, trying to blow out my voice! I’m sure I scared a number of people on the way to the studio as I was trying to blow my voice out! When I blow out my voice, it gets ‘gravelly’.

When that happens, it’s about as close as I can get to capture that David Lee Roth vocal. I was able to do those ‘yipes’. If you listen back to that, you’re gonna go holy shit! You’re going to think it sounds like Dave! The only reason that I was able to do that was because I blew my voice out!”

You can listen to his version of the song below.

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