Jeff Waters from Annihilator, one of the most important thrash metal guitarist, talked with the web site called “Metal Master Kingdom”. As you know, he does not only playing guitar, he also vocalist in recently live performances. I watched him last year and he was pretty good.

In the recently interview, he spoke of the challenges of playing the guitar while singing. In this regard, he said that he respects James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine. (transcriped by Blabbermouth)

“I like the guitar most and it’s very physically demanding to play guitar and sing. It give me ten times more respect for James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, who play and sing. It’s incredible what they do, actually. But I didn’t think about it. I hired some singers over the years who were really great. Dave Padden, our recent guy, was in it for 12 years playing guitar and singing. He was amazing, but left unexpectedly. We had no idea it was coming. It was for personal reasons. I decided, ‘What the heck.’ It’s our 15th record. I didn’t want to go through looking for another singer. There were a couple of guys I wanted to work with, like Stu Block, but he’s already in Iced Earth. I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it again.’ But if I do it, I can’t do with the attitude to just do the record. You got to take it seriously. I worked very hard and quickly. I didn’t get into great shape; I’m slowly working on getting into shape. Again, it was a bigger album than we’ve had in more than 15 years. So, I’m stuck doing it and I think I’m going to have to do it until I physically can’t do it or really show I’m not having a good time doing it. I love it. It’s fun, but a lot of work. I’m not the greatest singer. I think it fits. You can always get a better singer in a band. There’s always room in most bands for something to get better. But at this stage in my career, fans in Europe are saying ‘Just stay and do it.'”

He is absolutely right. Can you imagine, James Hetfield playing “Battery” at the same time sing the song. The same situation has to Dave Mustaine. Play and sing Holy Wars… Huh, it’s so difficult. I’m having trouble playing these songs, but theese guys both plays and sings. %100 incredible.

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