Alice in Chains lead guitarist Jerry Cantrell opened up about the future plans of the band during an appearance on Trunk Nation, and apparently, Alice in Chains is hopeful for the vaccines, yet they will get back to work until it’s completely safe.

As you may know, the music industry basically stopped due to coronavirus since musicians, like most of us, had to stay at home during these hard times in order to be safe. The lockdowns and precautions came with a consequence, and 2020 has been one of the least productive years, especially when it comes to music.

While musicians and bands tried to stay active with visual concerts, and events through their social media accounts, a great number of albums had to be put on hold since the recording process was not a safe choice.

Fans want to know the upcoming projects of the musicians now more than ever since it’s always ambiguous. Because of this, during a recent interview, Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell was asked about the future plans of the band. It turned out that the band members made a decision to take a break for a year until it’s safe to work again.

Here is what Cantrell said:

We actually planned on taking a year off. This thing that happened to us all hit a window when we planned on being off. So we’re just waiting to see how this pans out and plays out. Obviously, a lot of people are affected. We’re pretty blessed and lucky where we are while we’re all weathering this together. But, as you know, we’re part of a community that relies on getting people together to work and have fun. So we’re just seeing how this all plays out.”

Cantrell also talked about the vaccine for COVID-19 and stated that the band members are all hopeful for the cure. Alice in Chains plans to take another year off until the vaccines, hopefully, totally work and it’s not dangerous to record and get back into working.

Here is what he said:

And we’re hopeful for the vaccines. And we don’t wanna go back to work until it’s safe to work, and I don’t think anybody will. So I’m kind of thinking we’re gonna be off again for about another year.

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