Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell spoke in a recent interview with The Mistress Carrie Podcast and talked about Dee Snider’s comment about ’80s heavy metal music.

Even though the good old heavy metal sounds inspired today’s metal music and grunge, Twisted Sister frontman claimed that heavy metal was an unwanted genre as he called it ‘persona non grata.’

In the conversation, Jerry mentioned that he loved the ’80s metal music and listened to lots of British heavy metal bands, such as UFO, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest. While saying that music changes frequently and evolves, he also pointed out that good things will last forever.

According to Jerry, those bands who released classic records back in the day defined an era. Furthermore, he stated that many musicians in the rock scene were influenced by those who shaped heavy metal in the ’80s and paid tribute to the icons.

The interviewer talked about Dee Snider’s comment on heavy metal:

“With all of the focus on the albums that came out 30 years ago, there’s that whole conversation about the transition from the ’80s metal into grunge, and Dee Snider told me recently that people were so surprised that heavy metal stuff was just persona non grata, the people that were surprised the most were the grunge artists because that was the music you guys were inspired by…”

Jerry Cantrell continued:

“Sure, yeah, I love all of the metal stuff of the ’80s, and I was heavily influenced by not only the artists that we talked about like Van Halen and Heart but the English metal.

Maiden, Priest and Scorpions, UFO, Thin Lizzy – loved all that stuff, still do.

Music changes, but good things last, and all of those bands made classic records, era-defining, and really influential on me and all the rock players of our generation.”

Later in the conversation, Jerry also talked about how he was influenced by legendary late guitarist Eddie Van Halen and said Eddie was the person he looked up to when he was a kid.