Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell spoke in the recent conversation with Gibson’s Icons Series and unveiled how he learn to write killer riffs by mentioning two legendary bands in history.

Jerry stated that he was listening to the rock/metal when he was a little boy, and it affected his whole music career. He said that there were lots of British bands in his library and especially praised AC/DC and KISS.

Furthermore, Jerry explained how he become one of the best songwriters in the world by mentioning bands like AC/DC and KISS who write good riffs. In this way, he showed that these bands are the main inspiration for Jerry’s musical career.

Here is what Jerry Cantrell said:

“Music was something that was always at our house, from a very early age. By that time, I was heavily into rock, you know, AC/DC, KISS, all the English metal…

And I grew up on bands that wrote good riffs, you know what I mean? So I just wanted to play guitar, write songs, and I’m proud to have sprung from the community and so many of my friends, 33 years later, and we’re still going.

The heart of the band is intact and the reasons and the meaning behind why we all do it and where we come from and what that all means, it’s not lost on any of us.”

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