Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell spoke in a recent interview with Consequence and talked about the possibility of touring with Guns N’ Roses bass guitarist Duff McKagan.

After nineteen years, Jerry confirmed this summer that he would release a new solo record named ‘Brighten,’ and he collaborated with Duff McKagan for this record. It’s the third studio album of the guitarist that features a total of nine songs.

Almost all bands and musicians embark on a tour shortly after their record release to promote their new work. In the interview, Jerry was asked if he considers doing such a thing along with the veteran bass guitarist.

Jerry pointed out that he really wants Duff to tour with him, but he is still working on his side project and might not have the time to join his solo tour. Jerry named Duff’s project ‘Guns And Tulips’ and mentioned that it would be hard to collaborate with Duff right now.

However, the guitarist revealed that he is still trying to convince him to join the tour. While saying that everybody is currently working on their separate projects, Cantrell noted that they are in contact with those who contributed the album, but the lineup is uncertain now.

Jerry Cantrell on touring with Duff McKagan:

“I’d really like Duff to come out and with me, but he’s still working on this little project. I forget what’s called… Guns and Tulips or something like that? I don’t know, he’s still trying to get it off the ground, and I’m trying to get him to come, but he’s got some other band.

Everybody’s got their own thing. We’ll talk to some of the folks that were involved with the record. And I think we’ll probably have a portion of ’em, and we’ll see what the lineup is.

But I guarantee it’ll be fun and we’ll have a good time doing it. We’ll play the music as best we can like I always try to do.”

Later in the conversation, Jerry also explained if there will be vaccination limitations for the audience. The musician didn’t respond with certainty but stressed that they will try to do what’s best for public health.