Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell was interviewed by Let There Be Talk and talked about the musicians who inspired him to choose a Les Paul guitar.

Being comfortable is one of the key qualities that many guitar players prioritize when picking their instruments. Therefore, it is crucial to determine which guitar body is the perfect fit, which changes for every player. Jerry Cantrell is known for his insanely creative riffs and playing style within the community, and the veteran musician usually prefers Gibson’s iconic Les Paul.

In the conversation, Jerry pointed out that he looked up to Ace Frehley and Jimmy Page back in the days. As they were known to be Les Paul guitarists, Cantrell believed Les Paul is the coolest guitar ever.

Furthermore, the guitarist mentioned that Les Paul is the only thing he wanted even during Christmas, and he put it on top of his wishlist. However, Jerry’s parents got him an acoustic guitar, and when the young guitarist got upset, his father told him he’d get Jerry a Les Paul after he learns how to play well.

Jerry Cantrell on his admiration to Les Pauls:

“My mom raised us three kids mostly on her own, and we lived with my grandmother, and my brother and I were fighting like cats and dogs, and she’s like, ‘Can you take these guys because I can’t handle them?’

So she shipped us off to my dad, and he was stationed in Pennsylvania, and that’s when I had just gotten into guitar, a lot of the Jimmy Page and Ace Frehley, and many others who played Les Paul, and I just identified with that.

I’m like, ‘That’s cool, man, that’s the coolest guitar ever!’ I wanted one of those, so for Christmas, you had your little Christmas list, you made your list and you put it on your door so your parents could see, and I cut out a picture of a Les Paul and I put it on the paper.”

He continued:

“And I just wrote on the top, ‘This is all I want.’ Leading up to Christmas, a big present showed up under there, that was kind of triangular in shape. I’m like, ‘Oh my god, they got it for me!’ He fucking got me a Les Paul!

And so for a week or whatever it was leading up to Christmas, I thought I was actually getting one. And it comes Christmas day, open up the shit, it’s an acoustic guitar, a little shitty guitar.

So my dad’s really excited because he got me a guitar, that’s what I wanted, but it’s not a Les Paul, and I was the shitty kid, ‘I wanted the Les Paul!’ He goes, ‘You get fucking good on that and I’ll buy you a Les Paul. But learn how to fucking play that first!'”

You can check out the conversation below.