Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich’s wife and successful model, Jessica Miller, recently posted a photo on her Instagram account and shared a secret with the Metallica fans who follow her considering what she dislikes the most about being married to a drummer.

As you probably know, the famous top model Jessica Miller and Lars Ulrich got married back in 2015, and currently, thousands of Metallica fans follow Jessica’s social media accounts to catch Ulrich’s latest news or sneak peeks.

In late January, Rob Trujillo and a couple more Metallica members had teased the possibility of recording a new album and it seems like the band is indeed in the studio. Just some hours ago, Jessica posted a photo of her lower back and her jeans, and in the back pocket, there is a finger tape.

In the caption, Jessica said that ‘his finger tape gets frisky post drumming’ which both excited the fans as it means that Lars Ulrich is working on something, and made them smile due to its mischievousness.

Here’s what she said in the caption of her post:

“His finger tape gets frisky post drumming.”

Click here to check out the photo that Jessica Miller posted on her Instagram account.