Jethro Tull guitarist Martin Barre recalled the time when he replaced Tony Iommi during a recent appearance on BBC Radio.

Back in 1968, Iommi joined Jethro Tull after leaving the Earth, featuring Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Ward, and Geezer Butler. However, he rejoined Earth after playing with few shows with Jethro Tull, and he was replaced by Martin.

In the conversation, Martin mentioned that he had a lot in common with the original guitarist of the band, Mick Abraham, and he was asked for an audition alongside Iommi and Mick Taylor after Abraham left.

Even though they picked Tony Iommi, Martin pointed out that Iommi didn’t like the music and left the band, which created a way for him to join Jethro Tull, and that’s how he joined the band.

Interviewer asked:

“You joined up with Jethro Tull before the second album came out. How did that come about?”

Here is what Martin Barre said:

“Yeah, well, we met, Jethro Tull and my band met in ’68 in a club near here where I lived, near Plymouth in the UK.

And we had a lot in common because me and Mick got on really well – Mick’s a great player, I was a big fan of his playing.

And then my flute playing and Ian’s flute playing was both in the role, so we had a lot in common.”

He continued:

“When Mick left the band two or three months later, they remembered me and asked me to audition, I got shortlisted with Tony Iommi and Mick Taylor.

They chose Tony at first. Tony didn’t particularly like the music, so I was next on the list, and here I am.”

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