Famous comedian Jim Norton has posted a new tweet on his verified Twitter account, reacted to Black Sabbath legend, Ozzy Osbourne, for his awesome compliment in public.

A Reddit user asked Ozzy Osbourne that what something that makes him laugh. The Prince of Darkness replied to fan and gave the names of 4 comedians, including Jim Norton, saying he laughed at good comedians.

After this thread, Jim Norton screenshotted the conversation to share his Twitter page and thanked Ozzy for his amazing compliment. He also described Ozzy as his favorite person on the planet.

Here’s the conversation between a Reddit user and Ozzy Osbourne:

The user:

“Hi, Ozzy! What something that makes you laugh?”

Ozzy replied:

“A good comedian like Sam Kinison, Jim Carey, Jim Norton, or Don Rickles.”

Here’s the reaction of Jim Norton:

“Thank you @OzzyOsbourne. An amazing compliment from my favorite person on the planet.”

A Twitter user named Jeannie commented and said:

“That is an impressive list to be on, congrats.”

Another fan named Elliot wrote:

“I’m an Ozzy fan because of Jim Norton. Jim talked about being a fan as a kid and of course, getting to meet him through the years is everyone’s dream come true.

To then have him become a friend is a fantasy that is just crazy. To then have your boyhood hero be a fan of yours, ICON.”

Check out the Twitter post below.