The official Instagram for That Little Ol Band from Texas, ZZ Top posted a recent photo on social media and shared a really rare and unseen photo of the legendary late musician, Jimi Hendrix.

Here is what ZZ Top wrote about that never-before-seen photo:

“The answer to yesterday’s #ZZTopFILM Trivia Question is C! @jimihendrix named @BillyfGibbons “One of America’s best young guitarists” on The Tonight Show, a quote that made many take note of his talents.

Gibbons opened several shows for Hendrix in 1968 with his previous band, Moving Sidewalks.”

A user named charlesdeweese commented:

“Prove he said it by posting him saying it.

Footage or it did not happen.”

Another user, front_end_jewels said that:

“I believe Gibbons received a pink Stratocaster as a gift from Hendrix.”

You can see the post right below.