In last month, The Rolling Stones released a lost song named ‘Scarlet,’ featuring Led Zeppelin’s legendary guitarist Jimmy Page, on their official Youtube account, and it was viewed over 1M times less than two weeks.

After a short period, The Rolling Stones released a new music video for this song, starring Paul Mescal, and the music video viewed over 100K less than ten hours on Youtube.

Moreover, Jimmy Page and Mick Jagger took to their official Instagram account to remind the fans about the release of the music video and released a teaser for their followers.

Additionally, Mick showed how a kind-hearted person he is by thanking the actor of the music video, Paul Mescal, and shared his gratitude to the Irish actor. Also, Mick said that Paul played great in the video.

Here is what Mick Jagger wrote:

“You can watch the video for Scarlet on the Stones YouTube now! Thanks to Paul Mescal for a great performance!”

Jimmy Page said:

“Watch The Rolling Stones music video for Scarlet starring Paul Mescal now.”

You can check out the posts and watch the music video of Scarlet below.