The New York-based entertainment website, Grunge, unveiled the little-known story behind the name change of one of the most successful rock bands of all time, Led Zeppelin, referring to Eva von Zeppelin, the granddaughter of Ferdinand von Zeppelin, who was the inventor of the Zeppelin rigid airships.

The extensive article about the untold facts of Led Zeppelin put forth the name change detail in the history of the band. According to the source, the London-based band once played a show in Copenhagen under the name, ‘The Nobs,’ which means a man’s best friend in slang.

The name was the reaction to Eva Von Zeppelin, who threatened to sue the band if they use their name in her hometown, Denmark. After that, the founder of the band, Jimmy Page, headed to change their name to ‘The Nobs’ for the specific show.

Page said that the whole thing was pretty absurd while disclosing the fact that they even invited Eva backstage to meet the band members and see how nice young men they were. He admitted that they calmed her down, but on leaving the studio, Von Zeppelin saw the band’s LP cover of an airship in flames and exploded.

Here’s what Jimmy Page said, recalling their Copenhagen concert:

“Then we shall call ourselves The Nobs when we go to Copenhagen, the whole thing is absurd. The first time we played we invited her backstage to meet us, to see how we were nice young lads.

We calmed her down but on leaving the studio, she saw our LP cover of an airship in flames and she exploded! I had to run and hide. She just blew her top.”

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