During an interview with Vulture, Heart singer Ann Wilson talked about their tribute performance of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ from Led Zeppelin back in 2012, and apparently, Led Zeppelin members who were able to be there to watch the show experienced different emotions.

As many of you might recall, Heart performed Led Zeppelin’s most iconic song ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ which was released late in 1971 in their untitled fourth studio album, for a tribute performance to the legendary band back in 2012 at the Kennedy Center Honors.

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, lead singer Robert Plant, and the bassist John Paul Jones were all there to watch the tribute performance. In addition to this, late drummer John Bonham’s son, also a drummer himself Jason Bonham performed for the song.

During a recent interview, Ann Wilson opened up about the special performance and stressed the importance of the song ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ Apparently, it conveys a message that is pure and universal, according to Wilson. She also revealed that she almost cried during her performance due to the beauty and the emotions of the song.

Here’s what Ann Wilson stated about her feelings while singing a Led Zeppelin song:

“I actually felt every second of it as a real, not to overstate it, but pretty damn close to orgasmic in terms of bliss. I felt wide awake and alive, and I felt the emotional content of the song all the way down to the ground. It was really authentic. The emotions involved in performing, that were wide awake and in the moment.

‘Stairway to Heaven’ represents a whole universe of Led Zeppelin and so many people love that song. Everyone thinks that they know what it means and have their own little idea about how to interpret it, but there’s something about the poetry of that song that’s really hopeful and upbeat.

Something about unity. Hey, there’s a better day coming. That message is ancient and pure and universal. That’s what I felt performing it. That’s why I almost teared up singing it – it’s so beautiful.”

Furthermore, Ann Wilson revealed the Led Zeppelin members’ reactions, and apparently, Jimmy Page was smiling, Robert Plant was emotional, and John Paul Jones was experiencing both emotions during the performance. Wilson also mentioned that Jason Bonham playing the drums during the performance made band members even more emotional.

Here is what Wilson said about the reactions of each Led Zeppelin member:

“When you check out their reactions while the song is being performed, you can see how different they are. Jimmy is smiley and twinkly. Robert is emotional. John Paul is both.

I think Robert looked down and saw Jason, who was just a child when Led Zeppelin was together… he was probably running around during their band rehearsals as a little tyke.

For Robert to look down and see him on drums at the Kennedy Center, this big production of their most beautiful song – must have been very emotional. It probably brought back a lot of nice memories.”

You can click here to see the source of the interview and see the tribute performance of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ below.