During a recent interview with Classic Rock, Thin Lizzy’s guitarist Scott Gorham revealed how Jimmy Page helped him during his heroin addiction and how Page encouraged him to go through the process that Eric Clapton did.

Jimmy Page is known for his success in the rock world since 1957 and appreciated for his kind attitude towards artists and fans. His signature smiling face and kind attitude towards people has made him one of the most loved rockstars of all time.

In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Scott Gorham opened up about his heroin addiction which led to the disbandment of Thin Lizzy and the unfortunate death of the band’s frontman Phil Lynott three years later.

Scott revealed that the reason they kept doing heroin with Phil was because they thought that it was a secret. However one day, he was fighting with his wife Christine who told him that everyone knew what was going on, even though Scott thought that it was a secret. That really shook him and forced him to think about quitting heroin.

While Gorham’s wife was researching for treatments, she came across an electrotherapy treatment developed by surgeon Margaret Patterson which had helped Pete Townshend and Eric Clapton overcome their addictions.

In 1983 Scott had attended a ceremony where he stumbled upon Jimmy Page. Scott remembers that Page immediately pulled him out of the sofa and insisted that he goes on with the electrotherapy treatment which helped Eric Clapton and that he calls Dr. Patterson as soon as possible.

This really encouraged Gorham who went to see the doctor in the next days and after just 10 days, he was off heroin. Having received such help and encouragement from his wife and Jimmy Page, Scott found it vital to give them credit and thank them for helping him make it.

Here’s what Gorham said in the interview:

“I was having another argument with my wife, Christine. I’m like: ‘What’s the problem? Nobody knows I’m doing it anyway.’ It was the look she gave me – incredulous. She said: ‘Everybody knows!’ That did it. I realized this brown powder was ruling my life, and that really depressed me.

I was at a function, and Jimmy Page was there and he dragged me off the sofa and said: ‘So you gonna call Dr. Patterson?’ So I went to see the doctor, and within 10 days I was off of heroin.”

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