Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has shared a photo of himself with nazi uniform on Instagram again. As you can remember, he also shared another photo of him wearing nazi hat two days ago.

Today, Jimmy remembered the first time he wore nazi uniform in a recent Instagram post, and wrote:

“#OnThisDay in 1977, I debuted the Stormtrooper Outfit in Chicago.
This show was on an Easter Sunday, it was the first time I wore the Storm Trooper outfit, but not the last. Soon after this I began to alternate between the white poppy suit and the black dragon suit for shows. “

A fan wrote to Jimmy and Led Zep fans:

“So I am confused by all the nazi statements being made. Guess I dont see it. Is it the boots? Cause big blast k boots make you a nazi. Interesting. is it the hat? Cause if that the case the every pilot must be a nazi as well.

Am I missing the swastikas on the hat cause I dont see anything that resembles that or an SS emblems. Oh wait it’s the aviation sun glasses. That must be it. What the hell is wrong with people.”

Another fan wrote:

“this is a great way to poke fun at the nazis: dressing up like one while playing a form of music against their values, i love it”

A fan responded:

“Imagine wearing an SS uniform in these days 😂 I’m sure they were more lenient then”

See the photo below.