Led Zeppelin guitarist and founder Jimmy Page shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing the time when Led Zeppelin performed in Birmingham, the United Kingdom back in 1970, and what the critics had to say about the performance.

Led Zeppelin performed at Town Hall, Birmingham, the UK over five decades ago and the show included many songs like ‘I Can’t Quit You Baby,’ ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You,’ and ‘Whole Lotta Love.’ Led Zeppelin’s performance lasted for two-and-a-half-hour and received positive reviews from everybody who was there to watch.

One tricky act of Jimmy Page during their performance also took attention as Page used a cello bow while playing his guitar which ultimately made his guitar sound like a cat being strangled.

Jimmy Page recently shared the poster for that performance on his official Instagram page revealing what the press had to say about their concert in Birmingham. Apparently, it was one of the best rock music they have ever heard since there is nothing but praise and compliments in the review.

Here is what Page said:

“On this day in 1970, Led Zeppelin played in Birmingham, UK, and it was reviewed in the Express and Star (below).


Fans cheered wildly, danced in the aisles and even their seats last night to give Led Zeppelin one of the most fantastic receptions ever witnessed at Birmingham Town Hall.

Zeppelin, the group that conquered the States, was opening its first British tour for many months. It was interesting that the group should have chosen Birmingham to do this and must have been pleasing for the boys to receive such a reception. The two-and-a-half-hour show featured solely Zeppelin… and some of the best rock music I have ever heard.

The group opened its act with ‘Groove,’ before going into one of their early numbers, ‘Dazed and Confused’ featuring brilliant lead guitar work from Jimmy Page, who, with the aid of cello bow, made his guitar sound like a cat being strangled. All was, by then going great for the group and more of Jimmy Page, by way of a solo with ‘White Sabbath’ bought more applause.”

He continued:

“Other numbers included, ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’ written by the group only a couple of days before the concert and featuring John Paul Jones on organ- a track likely to be on the group’s forthcoming album. ‘Led Zeppelin III’- and ‘Thank You’ again with John on organ.

The final touch to the show was added by Robert Plant, gyrating around the stage calling on the audience to ‘Do Your Thing’ and screaming out some really groovy rock. Then things got going with ‘Moby Dick’ featuring Dudley’s John Bonham with a tremendous ten-minute drum solo. Discarding drumsticks, he added to the magnificence by playing barehanded and bought the audience to its feet.

There it stayed until the end of the show, Zeppelin playing some of the greatest rock music, including such numbers as ‘Rip It Up,’ ‘By By Johnny,’ ‘Come On Everybody,’ and ‘Somethin’ Else.’ Two encores and eventually the group came on to close with a really wild version of ‘Bring It On Home’ leaving the audience ecstatic and the Town Hall shaking to its very foundations after one of the wildest shows ever seen there.”

You can see the Instagram post below.