Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page recalled an emotional memory about his drummer bandmate who passed away and, contrary to expectations, this person wasn’t John Bonham.

Page shared a moment from the year 1998 when he and Robert Plant worked on the ‘Page and Plant Project‘ together with the drummer Michael Lee. He said that they were promoting the ‘Walking into Clarksdale‘ album at Jones Beach, and it was one of the best shows of the band. Page revealed that he and Michael Lee had an emotional hug when they came off stage.

Michael Lee who passed away on 24 November 2008 was the drummer for Page and Plant’s touring and recording band. Lee also toured with Jeff Martin, Billy Duffy, and Ian Astbury in the later years. He died from an epileptic seizure and Jimmy Page was one of the mourners who attended to his funeral.

Here is what Page said on his Instagram post about his former bandmate Lee and Page & Plant Project:

“On this day in 1998, I played on the Page and Plant Project promoting the ‘Walking into Clarksdale ‘ album at Jones Beach. It was the last date of the first leg of the North American tour. The Jones Beach Theater is an amphitheater in Long Island. ⁣

For me it was one of the best shows; a memorable performance. The band really connected. The high points were serial and intensified throughout the set. The drummer Michael Lee and I had an emotional hug when we came off stage.⁣”

You can see Page’s Instagram post below.