Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page took his official Instagram account to share a new post and remembered yet another impressive achievement of the band.

As you might already know, Jimmy has been making on-this-day sessions for over a year on social media and interacting with his followers by sharing the most important days of his life with his followers.

In the post, Jimmy mentioned that Led Zeppelin was a stadium band back in the days and they guested over 50.000 people in their shows. In the end, it eventually leads their way to broke the record of having most people in a stadium.

Furthermore, Jimmy pointed out that The Beatles was holding the record before they set the new record. As Jimmy stated, Led Zeppelin got 56.800 people in their shows in Florida back in those days and broke the record with this number.

Here is what Jimmy Page captioned:

“On this day in 1973, I performed the second day of the ’73 US Summer tour in Tampa, Florida where we managed to achieve a record of 56,800 people in the stadium.

This produced great media excitement as we had apparently broken the attendance record set by The Beatles at Shea Stadium. However, it was a further illustration of the phenomena the band was generating.”

You can check out the picture that Jimmy shared below.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Page – Instagram