Led Zeppelin’s founder and iconic guitarist, Jimmy Page, recently posted a series of photos on his Instagram account and reminisced the times when he toured in Europe with Led Zeppelin, and revealed that some Rolling Stones members enjoyed coming to their shows.

As you know, Jimmy Page enjoys actively using his social media accounts and in comparison to his fellow rockstars, he doesn’t use his Instagram account solely to announce his upcoming projects or to share his views on various matters, but mostly to share photos from years ago and tell interesting stories.

Recently, he posted three photos of himself and talked about Led Zeppelin’s 1975 Europe tour, and in specific, an amazing show they put on January 11, in Rotterdam Ahoy. In the photos, Page can be seen tuning his guitar, practicing on stage and backstage. However, another interesting aspect of his post was the story attached to it.

As you know, ‘Boogie with Stu‘ which was released in is one of the most famous songs by Led Zeppelin, but many don’t know the story behind it. As it turns out, Stu is Rolling Stones’ piano player and road manager Ian Stewart‘s nickname. The song was actually recorded in Headley Grange and the band was using Rolling Stones’ recording unit.

When they were about to start recording, Stewart popped in and started playing the slightly out of tune old piano in the main room. While he was playing, Jimmy Page started tuning his guitar based on the out-of-tune piano and while all this was happening, the tape was rolling. Everything on the song was improvised from the lyrics Plant was singing to the drumming of Bonzo.

Thus, when Led Zeppelin were playing in Rotterdam, Ian Steward was of course there to watch the. Even though there aren’t video or voice records left from that day, there are some memorabilia on Led Zeppelin’s official website. It seems like Jimmy Page highly valued Stewart’s support in the band’s career and wanted to pay tribute to this talented musician who left us in 1985.

Here’s what Jimmy Page said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“On this day in 1975, I played in Rotterdam Ahoy with Led Zeppelin ⁣

This was the first of two warm-up shows in Europe, with a soon-to-follow US tour. Ian ‘Stu’ Stewart of The Rolling Stones and ‘Boogie with Stu’ fame, came to this show. I know he loved hearing the band.⁣

Photos, Gijsbert Hanekroot, Amsterdam 1972″

Click here to see the photo that Jimmy Page posted on his Instagram account. Also, although there isn’t any video footage from their concert in Rotterdam Ahoy in 1975, there is a small clip from their concert at the same venue five years later. You can check it out below.