Led Zeppelin’s founder and legendary guitarist, Jimmy Page, recently posted a photo of himself playing on stage from over 50 years ago and revealed the details of one of his first big gigs with Led Zeppelin and even included the setlist of their show.

As you may know, Jimmy Page enjoys actively using his social media accounts but instead of keeping his fans up to date, he prefers to post photos from years ago and tell unknown stories. Instagram is in a way Jimmy Page’s archive where he stores his memories and shares the details of important days with his fans.

Recently, he posted a photo from 1969, when Led Zeppelin had managed to get a great gig in Detroit. They performed at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit which is a historic live music venue that was built back in the late ’20s. While in the beginning, it served as a dance venue, around the ’60s it was transformed into a rock venue.

Jimmy Page recalled the three nights in a row performance that they gave with Led Zeppelin in the Grande Ballroom and said that he cannot forget how spirited the shows and the audience were. Finally, he also included the setlist of their show which was surprising to many as it has been over 50 years since Led Zeppelin did those shows but it seems like they were so special that Jimmy Page wanted to save the setlist.

“On this day in 1969, I played at the Grande Ballroom, Detroit with Led Zeppelin⁣

I returned with Led Zeppelin to play three nights at the underground venue, The Grande Ballroom in Detroit, and this was the second of three nights. These were spirited shows to a spirited audience and each night we extended our set with encore after encore. I played the Grande with The Yardbirds eight months earlier.⁣

Songs performed during this period include:⁣

Train Kept a Rollin’⁣
I Can’t Quit You Baby⁣
Dazed and Confused⁣
As Long As I Have You⁣
Killing Floor⁣
White Summer / Black Mountainside⁣
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You⁣
You Shook Me⁣
How Many More Times⁣
Communication Breakdown⁣
Pat’s Delight (drum solo)”

Click here to check out the photo that Jimmy Page posted on his Instagram account and you see a photo from one of their shows at the Grande Ballroom in 1969.

Photo Credit – Pinterest