The official Instagram account of Led Zeppelin icon Jimmy Page posted a photo taken in Nashville concert in 1970 as a part of his ‘On This Day’ series on Instagram and shared the story of how the fans were exposed to police brutality.

The legendary English rock band Led Zeppelin started their fifth concert tour, ‘North American Tour,’ on March 21, 1970, and concluded on April 18, 1970. The tour brought them tremendous success as they grossed an estimated $1,200,000. Led Zeppelin also broke the attendance records which was previously set by The Beatles in Vancouver and Montreal.

Recently on Instagram, Jimmy Page added another story to his ‘On This Day’ section by posting a photo taken after the Led Zeppelin concert at Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, in 1970. On the caption of his post, Jimmy also shared a rarely-known story of what happened to the Led Zeppelin fans who were intimidated by the police at a show at the Forum in Los Angeles, California.

Apparently, the fans were tear-gassed by Los Angeles police officers while the band members went to the backstage to get ready for the show. However, Jimmy stated that a police officer put an iron bar to the door and stopped him going back to the stage.

Moreover, Led Zeppelin legend revealed the phrase that the policeman used to intimidate him, ‘You go out there boy, and I’ll break your head.’ Jimmy also mentioned the prejudice that a majority of the society had about the long hair and the music they created back then in the 1960s and 70s.

You can see the photo Jimmy Page posted on his Instagram account below.

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On this day in 1970, I played the Municipal Auditorium, Nashville with @ledzeppelin ⁣ In 1970, Led Zeppelin embarked across a tour of the South in America. Long hair was pretty unpopular in the late ‘60s and even 1970. The authorities appeared to be building up a head of steam over what they believed to be happening with the current movement within the musical manifestation of the time. They seemed intent to keep audiences seated.⁣ ⁣ Indeed, news reached us of the unthinkable – the audience had been tear-gassed at a show at the Forum in LA, California – the very State where one assumed there was a liberal outlook to change. However, the South already appeared to be taking a far tougher right wing stance.⁣ ⁣ At the end of a rousing show, albeit one where the audience had already been somewhat intimidated by the police, the band went backstage to the dressing room fully prepared to play an encore for what was audibly a really enthusiastic crowd. At the point of exit from the dressing room, a burly policeman put an iron bar across the door to stop me from going out, with the phrase ‘You go out there boy, and I’ll break your head’. That night we didn’t play an encore in Nashville!

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