Led Zeppelin‘s legendary guitarist Jimmy Page posted a picture of the band members on Instagram to remember the day they reunited to celebrate their 50th anniversary by releasing the official book of Led Zeppelin.

As you might remember, the band announced their official book release to celebrate the 50th anniversary in 2018. The book was 400-page long illustrated the details of Led Zeppelin’s history including unseen photographs of the members on and offstage.

While the fans had been hoping for a reunite on stage, the iconic frontman of the band, Robert Plant, stated ‘it would be a disservice to Led Zeppelin fans‘ if they did so.

Recently, on Instagram, Jimmy Page posted a photo of the band members to remember the day they were working on the draft of their official book to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin. On the caption of his post, Jimmy wrote about the preparation process and the meticulously selected details of the book:

“On this day in 2018, work on the official book Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin was almost complete. Images were carefully selected and annotated throughout by me, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones. ⁣

Celebrating 50 years since the band’s formation, it covers the group’s musical career and features photographs of Led Zeppelin on and offstage. The 400-page volume includes previously unpublished photos, artwork from the Zeppelin archives, and contributions from photographers around the world.⁣

Here’s a photo of us in London with a working draft of the book.⁣”

You can see the photo Jimmy Page posted on his official Instagram account below.