Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing the time when Led Zeppelin was banned from performing in Boston Garden for five years because of a non-sale of tickets issue back in 1975.

As you know, Jimmy Page is quite an active social media user especially on his official Instagram page on which he has over a million followers. Page’s Instagram account is mainly known for his famous quote ‘on this day’ by which he reveals what special or surprising incident happened that day years back for Page or Led Zeppelin.

Recently, Jimmy Page shared another post on his official Instagram page revealing what had happened on that day in 1975, apparently, it was a normal performance day with Led Zeppelin in Boston Garden, however, due to a ticket issue the show was canceled.

In addition to this, Page stated that Led Zeppelin was banned from performing at Boston Garden for five years by Mayor Kevin White. Jimmy also made a whimsical joke about how the Mayor was a Rolling Stones fan since the competition in both iconic fans was legendary.

Here is what Jimmy Page stated in the caption of his post:

“On this day in 1975, I planned to play Boston Garden with Led Zeppelin.

On researching for my website, I discovered that on January 6, 1975, there had been an incident at the Box Office at Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts that had involved a sale / non-sale of tickets to thousands of fans.

Police were called and it all ended with the scheduled Led Zeppelin show being canceled by Mayor Kevin H White (who saw red) and, even more, there was apparently a five-year ban put on the band playing the venue. I was blissfully unaware of any of these shenanigans, but the Mayor was, by all accounts, a Rolling Stones fan!

I played in Boston again in 1995 at The Fleet Center with Page & Plant.”

You can see the Instagram post below.