Led Zeppelin’s legendary guitarist Jimmy Page made another ‘On This Day’ session by sharing a new post on his official Instagram account and remembered the day when Led Zeppelin played in Berkeley, California.

In the caption, Jimmy mentioned the poor attitude of the audience that day back in 1971 at Berkeley Community Theatre and tried to understand why they were so shocked and didn’t like the show by sharing his thoughts about that night.

Jimmy pointed out that the audience could be contaminated by the press, could be didn’t like the new kind of music, or was shocked heavily. Probably because of these possibilities, Jimmy stated that communication with the audience was poor that night.

Here is what Jimmy Page wrote:

“On this day in 1971, I played with Led Zeppelin at the Berkeley Community Theatre and the seated, uni-like audience seemed pretty non-plussed. It wasn’t a very good communion that night. ⁣

Maybe that evening they;

A) Were contaminated by the negative press we had continually received from the locally-based Rolling Stone.

B) Were sitting in the remnants of the vibrant San Francisco music scene they had witnessed over the last 5 years.

C) Weren’t receptive to new music we played – material from the unreleased Led Zeppelin IV.

D) Were heavily stoned.

E) All of the above!”

You can check out the post below.