Led Zeppelin’s founder and iconic guitarist, Jimmy Page, recently posted a photo of Robert Plant and himself from 1996 on his Instagram account and recalled the amazing performance the duo gave at the Hollywood Rock Festival in Rio de Janeiro.

As you probably know, Jimmy Page highly enjoys being active on his social media accounts, and in specific his Instagram account, but he prefers to use it differently in comparison to other rockstars. Page uses his Instagram as an archive where he mostly posts photos from years ago and tells amusing stories that have never been publicized before.

With his recent post, he recalled an amazing show that they put on with Robert Plant back in 1996 at the worldfamous Praça da Apoteose during the Hollywood Rock Festival in Rio de Janeiro. Page said that one of the key factors which helped them put on such an amazing show was the audience.

Page said that the audience was very excited to see them on stage and that they did everything to show their appreciation of the iconic duo. He recalls seeing fans roaring with enthusiasm and cheering while they were performing, and some even ‘spinning their shirts above their heads.’

Here’s what Jimmy Page said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“On this day in 1996, Page & Plant rocked in Rio as we performed a superb show at the Hollywood Rock Festival in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Playing to an audience roaring with enthusiasm and spinning their shirts above their heads was something to experience!”

Click here to check out the photo that Page Posted on his Instagram account and you can watch the concert below.