Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page had a recent conversation with The Morning Call and revealed really bad news for the fans who are expecting Led Zeppelin reunion.

Jimmy said that he doesn’t think that there will be another tour for the band.

Here is his statement about their last concert:

“I’m rather pleased that we did it [2007, London] because we sort of looked still similar to what we looked now, and, yeah, we did a really good job.

But I don’t think there’s going to be another one.”

Associated Press :

“Your guitar work for Led Zeppelin was far ahead of the curve…”

Jimmy Page:

“I’d like to think that it was, because the first album, I sort of knew, as we were doing the tracks, exactly how I was going to layer everything and the textures of them…

There’s a variety of moods on ‘Led Zeppelin I.’ So, again, it was me challenging and pushing as far as I possibly could, not even thinking of my limitations, just going beyond, beyond, beyond.”

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